Hi everyone! So for our first spot we are visiting Downtown or “Old Town” Las Vegas. This part of the city is very much touristy but a place where local business play a big part and therefore you’ll see this mix of energy, lifestyle, and people that you can’t get anywhere else in the city. Since the Downtown Project began in 2012 small local businesses started popping up everywhere.

Today we are checking out Project BBQ on Fremont Street. Project BBQ is a food truck that found its home in an alley way and made itself comfortable with its clientele graffiti wall, hanging patio lights, and synthetic grass to make you feel like your in a backyard barbeque.

The menu is quite simple. There are only 5 items and usually a special item. They offer three different kinds of meats – chicken, brisket and pulled pork for 3 different kinds of french roll sandwhiches topped with coleslaw, and two different preparations of their homemade potato chips. Its perfect for an afternoon meal or a late night snack to compliment your day of drinking.

Chef Rex’s signature dish would be the “Garbage Bowl,” a creation where every ingredient is put together to make the most amazing blend of flavors to get your barbeque fix. Think of it kind of like a BBQ version of nachos. You’ll get a hand load size of their chips covered with generous portions of all three of their meats. It is then drizzled with their tangy North Carolina style BBQ sauce, a beer and cheese sauce, then topped with coleslaw and to finish, their applewood smoked bacon. It’s messy so eat it with a fork or for those that like to get down and dirty, eat it with your hands. One thing’s for sure, you gotta try it!


Project BBQ is located 20 Fremont Street in the pedestrian only portion of Downtown. The best way to to get there is to take the bus, cab or ride share to drop you off on Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont Street so you can enjoy all the sights and sounds of the Fremont Street Experince on a leisurly six minute walk. If your looking for more of a direct route, the best stop would be Fremont and Main Steet at the Plaza Hotel and it’ll be just across the road.
They are open from 11am to 2am daily. Pairs best with a beer in your hand. The best time to visit is in the evening so you can also enjoy the light show and the live music.

For more info, visit their facebook page at Project BBQ LV

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